Try dog sledding with lovely alaskan malamutes and alaskan huskies!

Through the stunning landscape of Sjusjøen, we give you an unique and lovely opportunity to both experience the beautiful Norwegian mountain landscape and interacting with animals. Dog sledding is a wonderful activity, especially because it is for absolutely everyone. You choose yourself whether you want to control the sled yourself or sit in the front, therefore you can take part with any disabilities and in all age groups - we have had guests try from just a few months old to one gentleman at 96!

You will all be given proper instructions at first on how to control the sled (most focus on the breaking, there will be a guide with you in the front), and after your tour there will be hot drinks and a special kind of traditional Norwegian bread that you cook on the campfire waiting for you in our lovely little cabin. 

Our base is located about 3km further in from Sjusjøen. It is about a 2 hour drive from Oslo (take off at Rudshøgda) and about 30 minutes from Lillehammer. You could also reach us by train from Oslo and then a bus from Lillehammer. 

In addition to Sjusjøen, we do yours for guests at the Tree Top Huts in Brumunddal, for groups at Mesna Icelandic Horse Center and at events for Mesnali Leirsted.


6km & 15km Tours

We do 6km tours every Wednesday and Saturday, in addition to 15km tours every Sunday at Sjusjøen, which is available for booking directly here on our website. Check out our booking site to find a time that might suit you!


Whether it is for you company, family or a group of friends, dog sledding is a wonderful opportunity to really get a different experience with the people you care about! Can be combined with accommodation, food and/or other activities. 

About us

We are a small team with a lot of experience, and in total 74 wonderful dogs. Read more about who we are, why we love doing this and where you can find us here!

A unique and fun experience for everyone


At Sjusjøen we do 6km tours on every Wednesday and Saturday, which is the perfect distanse for the whole family. Not too long for the younger ones, yet a perfect distance for your first time you are trying dog sledding. For those who want to really get a feeling of the dog sledding experience, we also do 15km tours every Sunday, in addition to 20km, 25km and all the way up to 30km tours on certain days available to those you are interested. If you would like a longer tour, you are a larger group or you would like a tour on a different day than what is listed on our booking site, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will see what we can make happen!